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Association Mondiale des Anciennes et Anciens du Sacré-Coeur is a unique worldwide organization of alumnae and alumni who share the privilege of receiving an education based on the love of God and of one another.

This education has fostered, within the receivers, respect for the uniqueness of each individual with different gifts and talents, the realization of the responsibility to develop and use these talents for the benefit of all, and a strong sense of social justice, which impels to action. The aims of the World Association are:


  • To be at the service of humanity for the construction of a just and cohesive society, with an increased awareness of its social responsibility, and a commitment to faith lived in both a personal and community dimension;
  • To create and maintain friendship and solidarity among all the National Federations and Associations so as to bring about true international collaboration;
  • To cooperate actively and effectively with the Society of the Sacred Heart in its mission and ministries; 
  • To have an effective voice in the international organizations to which AMASC belongs, with a constant concern for discernment and open-mindedness. 

These values are summed up in the goals of the Schools, Colleges and Universities conducted by the Religious of the Sacred Heart:


  • a personal and active faith in God;
  • a deep respect for intellectual values; 
  • a social awareness which impels to action;
  • the building of community as a Christian value, and personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

AMASC is the body that unites tens of thousands of alumnae and alumni as part of an international family.

AMASC was formed in 1960 in Brussels at the request of Reverend Mother General de Valon. Reverend Mother de Valon saw an important and vital role the alumnae and alumni could play in fostering the work and spirit of the Society of the Sacred Heart (the Catholic Order of Nuns founded by St Madeleine Sophie Barat in the early 1800's).

National Associations of women and men were organized to form the World Association that included alumnae and alumni of: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cuba-in-Exile, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, The Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, République Démocratique du Congo, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan ROC, USA, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The International Association of alumnae and alumni of the Sacred Heart meets every four years holding a World Congress. XV AMASC World Congress will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2014.Details to be announced.

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